Art fair in Manchester.

Art fair in Manchester.

In September there had a place art fair  in Manchester. Of course I had to see what artworks are exhibited on this event. It was a valuable visit.

A huge variety of techniques. Traditional painting was represented by only a few stands. And if in the traditional oil painting on canvas already told everything? A lot of plastic, collage, mixing techniques and next to the tiny graphics. I don’t know if handmade or in print because it was the crowd around the stand. A lot of visitor’s. Vivid colors and bright colors were attracted eyes. Butterflies trapped behind glass emanated with joyful delicacy. Many artworks referred to the pop-art. There were stands – boxes of different British galleries and individual artists stands. Very interesting cross-section of what you can see in modern art. I’m glad that I was here. Maybe in the next year and I will rent one place and also show my artworks.

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