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Hello You landed in Margaret’s Raven author’s Art Gallery !

margaret ravenThis is the place where you will find something for you if you will be looking at new appearing artworks only.

This gallery continues tradition of earlier author’s Internet Gallery. For earlier artworks of Margaret Raven ( Małgorzata Kruk ) were available only on website www.krukart.com/en . Please, take a look at this one too. You can find there photos of artworks which are available for now and a few hundred photos of these sold. This is huge merchandise of author available so far in her family country only. Malgorzata’s Kruk (Margaret’s Raven) Gallery operates on the web since 1996.

This Margaret Raven Art Gallery is an international website in which we can offer You professional attendance and safe delivery to the all of the world. Here you will be able to see what happen in the artist’s workshop.Presented painting on this web is original and unique. The painter doesn’t make two the same oil artworks and doesn’t copy others artists. She paints artworks on Italian canvas primed in her workshop which is stretched on wooden loom. Artworks are protected by copyright. Every artwork is signed by artist in right or left down corner and it has got a certificate of authenticity.

Consignment of artworks follows from Manchester, Great Britain. Contact with our gallery :  krukart@gmail.com or easly click here EMAIL. Mobile contact with representative of gallery : 07944223309


It is possible to make replica of artwork for order but it will be a little different than original. Replica can be ordered in other size than original. Artist didn’t want an instalment before she end the work. Waiting time for realization an order is about 40 days. After realization the order a photo of artwork is sent on client’s e-mail. After accept the image, the time for payment and consignment has come. Free Delivery to all of the UK.



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