Butterflies in Manchester.

Butterflies in Manchester.

Christmas atmosphere in Manchester you can find in Old Town, on the streets, stands of the big Christmas Market. In rented from the City shops a huge variety of cultures, a melting-pot of the World and of course Christmas accents in form of Santas, reindeers, stars etc . I don’t know why, my attention was attracted by products in butterfly form. Butterfly as decorative element, as a subject, persecutes me for a long time. I’m still going back to this topic and I touch it doing two or three works.


This time I found the butterflies on the sculpture, at the stand with ceramics, in cut-outs of paper, at the image in random gallery. For several years I have beautiful carved bench with butterflies, ornamental tiles in the workshop, also earrings with this theme. I realized that the theme follows me and still reminds that hasn’t been recognized, exploited to the end. So I started designing small oil paintings with the butterfly theme. I thought, it would be good to make these butterflies with so-called Scandinavian colors, pastel, blue, gray and white. The work is in progress and my brain get a task to do. The prototypes of future my paintings have been arisen. Every two or three days I’m making changes, shapes of background correction, color correction, the conception is alive and changing. For today, I don’t have anything finished yet. I can only show my inspiration and the first sketches. It is possible that there will two or three images, that I create a whole series of large oil paintings. I don’t know which way will my thought go. The unknown is something that I really like. Anything can happen. Maybe I’ll turn in direction of Worchol, perhaps in direction of Kandinsky. One thing I know: Lines are necessary in these compositions. I don’t know if I can find a place for tonal color transitions in color.

I’m working on it. Margaret Raven

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