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Everyone is an artist in his trade, profession, under the condition that their tasks are performed with passion, commitment. It is very important to discover the passions of yours life.
When we have got a passion, work isn’t that hard. Time is running we don’t even know when. You can feel joy at the work time. The joy from discovering a new options. The joy from effects of your work. The joy from creating interesting things. The joy of creation is like a drug – addictive. I am addicted.
I discovered my passion of life in 1995, 20 years ago, when I was 32 years old. Previously, it seemed to me that I have other passions, but it was only fleeting love. True love, painting, I saw suddenly when I was serving customers in my café and made several pencil portraits of people who came to my café. It turned out that I could see people from the better, more beautiful side. The delight of those people surprised me. I have discovered that a particular my passion is painting meadows of camomile and poppies. Floral design, grain , poppies, cornflowers and camomile is my particularly favourite subject which contains in my paintings.

Discovering a passion, it can happen anywhere!
I am self-taught artist. I create beautiful worlds in the oil paintings. People who are look at my oil paintings give me motivation: admire. When I look at the faces of people watching my art I can see peace, smile, longing for a world somewhere ever seen. People give me motivation to continue my passion too because I receive a salary from them in return for work. This is important. It’s like a prize in the competition. I imagine that my client looked at many websites and has chosen my oil painting. It’s my personal image won the contest collector. I already have a lot of such competitions won. It’s a huge motivation!
In reality in which we live there are many people who have found their passion. They love doing what they do. They have a passion so great that gaining the name of the artist and the steps that perform gained the name of art. An example is the phrase “Art of Cooking”.Artistry, artist, creator, master, the words of which we strive, we seek to relate just to us. The road leads through discovering passion, motivation, creation.
The world I can see strives to perfection, to artistry.


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