Painting workshops in Slovakia.

 Painting workshops in Slovakia.

I’ve got an invitation from Humenne, a city in Slovakia. I was asked to guide there painting workshops in 10 of December 2016. Because I am in Poland, I drive there by car. It is only 5 hours way by car, but part of the road leads through uninhabited mountain areas. So in addition to paints, brushes, canvases I take with me also shovel, bag of sand (for glazed frost) and snow chains. Hello adventure!

At the end of this tour friendly people are waiting for me which I know already a few years. My students are women from the Humenne city, which know my painting. I had there two exhibitions. Lovers of art from Humenne wanted me to show them how to paint. What can be learned during several hours of working together? I think we can “sow the seeds” that will germinate at one time. You can show how to put different paints, different spatulas, different brushes on different bases. These four variables create countless combinations. I wish that every lady created with me one picture, according to their skills, which will be satisfied for her.

That’s all I can do on short workshops of painting. Below are some photos of the workshops.

Margaret Raven

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