Project Bieszczady Hotel Villa Collis just ended!

Brand new project by Margaret Raven just ended.

See amazing paintings by Margaret that you can find in the hotel Villa Collins.

This project involved creation of images illustrating the beautiful surroundings in which it is located Hotel VILLA COLIS.  Within six months, Margaret Raven travelled around the Bieszczady mountains and Lake Solina in Poland. To find the originality and uniqueness of these areas, she spent a few days in this unusual and beautiful places, capturing the colorful landscapes on her creations.

12075062_417320738477559_7954365095568659726_nBieszczady Mountains and the surrounding areas are famous for their amazing views, landscapes and colorful flowery meadows.  You will find there unique historical and cultural objects. Old churches with beautiful architecture and ancient sculptures and frescoes inside. Crossing the Subcarpathian area you can admire the ever-changing landscapes especially colorful this time of year which is the Polish “Golden Autumn”.12063695_416152795261020_4515966672259905626_n


Hotel VILLA Collis is almost next to the “Solina” lake. Atmosphere there is unforgettable and charming. Blue meandering in the valley Solina, green forest on falling into the water mountain slopes and silence colored by only the sounds of nature is the impression that Margaret Raven wanted to include in her work.  ☆☆☆☆ Hotel encourages its climate and wonderful elevated position so views of the whole surroundings are astounding. This place exudes positive energy, warmth and makes us surrender to relaxation of mountainous areas and thanks to the calm surface of the lake.

Margaret Raven would like to present in his works this extraordinary atmosphere. With these images of the hotel guests will be able to feel the warmth and relaxation. Wonderful flowers, meadows and our Polish poppies in oil paintings by Margaret Raven radiate the charm FINE so that prevails in the Bieszczady Mountains, in Podkarpackie in Poland.

Margaret Raven Project included 18 paintings in the period 6 months, which illustrate the picturesque surroundings of the hotel Villa Colis. Images show the fauna and flora, as well as interesting objects of this luxurious hotel.  Margaret has an unusual sense of beauty of nature so that soon we will see the effects of her next project.

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