Inspiring algae and natural waste from the Norwegian beach.

Inspiring algae and natural waste from the Norwegian beach.

I am in Norway. Wandering on the seashore I encounter sea trashes: algae and lichens . Beaches are empty. Weather is beautiful. Waves are touching my feet, and I can see virtuosity of the nature in this algae. Algae, natural waste from the beach. Pictures cropped at close range show natural compostion. Just like a jewellery on the sand. Brilliant fusion of colors. I take a photo, a lot of photos.. Sun is starting to set and I have fantastic light… I come back to my working place and i’m start 4 abstractions. These pictures will be revealed soon on my website

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Manchester Cathedral Art&Craft NOW ON !

Manchester Cathedral Art&Craft NOW ON !

We are more than happy to see you all today and tomorrow in Manchester Cathedral Art&Craft Fair! A lot of interesting stalls waiting for you. A lot of fun as well! Good music nice cup of hot drink, delicious cakes and also stand witch special GIN stand. You can find jewellery hand made and also original candles, paintings, pictures, photoes and also my oil paintings!

All interested art&crafts should see this fair in beautiful Manchester Cathedral!

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manchester cathedral artcraft

Manchester Cathedral ArtCraft!

I will soon have the pleasure to take part in exhibition of art in Manchester Cathedral ArtCraft!

15th and 16th of July from 11:00 to 17:00 in Manchester Cathedral, I will be happy to meet a lot of people. This will be my first exhibition in Manchester. I keep looking on the facebook with interest, watching companies and artists, which will show their artworks, I’m sure it will be interesting and worth to watch.
I won’t be able to show all my paintings, because I have only 150 of them now. I will show only couple of my artworks from the website, and other smaller paintings. Especially for this occasion I have made beautiful oil miniatures. Usually I don’t create paintings of this size.
If you want to meet with me, I invite you in days 15-16 of July to Manchester. You can follow this event on the facebook HERE

Somewhere in the Bieszczady Mountains…

Somewhere in the Bieszczady Mountains…

In a distant country , somewhere in Poland , in the Bieszczady mountains live friendly and calm people. They do not like the noise of the city. They resigned from urban life many years ago . Technical devices use occasionally when it is needed. They do not send their emotions as emoticons in SMS. They prefer to meet each others and shake hands for welcome . You can hear them laugh and laugh with them. You can talk straight in their eyes , you can grab real hand and feel its warmth .

I am going to join such a meeting, and one of this people , who just ends 70 years I has just done this portrait here . Please take a look if it is finished .

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Beauty of soul.

Beauty of soul



I just got come back from January meeting of my friendly artists. Thanks to this I made a portrait of beautiful woman. I am presenting to you oryginal picture and already complete portrait. My model was next to me, when I was working. I don’t portray people I have never seen. Only picture is not enough to give the beauty of soul. It ‘s a big pleasure to paint people and extract from them what is the best.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – christmas gift

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – christmas gift

I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. May this joyful season greet you with health and happiness. I hope your holidays are filled with festivities and plenty of merry enjoyment.

As a christmas gift with a big pleasure I would like to share a new YouTube channel where you can see how I work, how I make oil paintings and also my paintings with relaxation music.

Please see below one of my film:

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Simply type : margaretgift   during the payment process .

Once again …

Merry Christmas !


Margaret Raven

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Creativity – how to deal with a lack of ideas?

Creativity – how to deal with a lack of ideas?

There comes a time when the spring dries up – artist’s mind is out of luck. Beloved job is not enjoy as before, there are no new ideas, market was changed, buyers are looking for a very different artworks. Such creative burnout can have the causes of a personal nature. Continue reading “Creativity – how to deal with a lack of ideas?”

Searching your own style.

Searching your own style.

Searching your own style.

When an artist learns own style and selects the best for himself materials for creative work, when he creates many artwork, his hand starts move a paintbrush in a certain kind, the way, his creation begins to be characteristic, recognizable, what means that his method of applying paint, the way of creating an image is easy to distinction from other artists. Continue reading “Searching your own style.”

Technical Informations as a part of “How long did you paint this arwork”.

Technical Informations as a part of “How long did you paint this artwork”.


In order to the artist created an artwork he needs to know: Properties of paints and colors of palettes of individual producers, the properties of paintbrushes depending on the shape, material, long hair, long holders and the possibility of obtaining different effects using these paintbrushes. Properties of different canvases and quality of materials used for priming. 09The properties of various media of painting, which are solvents and the characteristics of various types of other chemical products designed for the needs of artists such as varnishes, ready-made textures, special knives for the applicating paints etc. Each of these things behaves differently depending on with which it cooperates.

Therefore are an infinite number of combinations, which the artist must learn and memorize. This practical knowledge is acquired at the time of creation. Each artist chooses with time which combination is friendly to him, what the shape of the paintbrush he paints his best, which paints are for him the best, which kind of canvas he should to order . This knowledge is born during many years of practice, when he painted another picture he explores new possibilities of a paintbrush, paint, type of canvas, media painting, new items.

To be continued…

Margaret Raven

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Margaret’s oil painting chosen by House and Garden magazine

Margaret’s oil painting chosen by House and Garden magazine

House and gardens is one of the most popular magazines  for inspirational homes, gardens, shopping and decorating ideas. House & Garden launched in 1947 and showcases the best in international design and decoration from around the world. House & Garden is the leading upscale interiors magazine in the UK and today its influence extends to its digital iteration, House. The magazine is published monthly in print and digitally.

In this month the magazine presents one of amazing Margaret’s oil paintings on canvas. The image has been picked by House and garden magazine to be published. We anticipate the August and September issue also show Margaret’s oil paintings!

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