The art of the mountains.

Margaret raven art from mountain

The art of the mountains.

I’ve just finished the work which lasted several months. It is a story about mountains in Poland – Bieszczady mountains.

Sometimes I perform my own technique works. There are not installations and mosaics. This is contemporary abstract art. This is a unique art. Unique Wall Art. The longest is creating of a concept. This task was to perform the work of a particular shape, in color matching to the place where the work will be shown and at a regional topic. Any materials. The concept was created by long time. I collected materials. I composing elements and moving them. Still something was missing in this puzzle. Creating such a modern art is similar to the laying of the puzzle. However in those puzzles all the elements can be anywhere. This artwork is an infinite number of combinations. Such art can look good in a stylish homes in large rooms.

This Art For the Home I performed a few times. Each of my concepts is completely different.. I perform the modern art one, maybe two for a year. I always looking for a new materials for such an abstract art. In the last week working on my original art accelerated. The concept began to compose itself. Some elements found their places and then the next started to fit to a whole. Bieszczady are wild, full of old trees, streams, moisture, stones and animals. My story about the mountains is completed. I hope the people who will watch that artwork, will smell the moisture of old-growth forests and noise of a brook flowing down the stone troughs. Margaret Raven

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